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Let’s grow together with the Q_Academy.

Our employees make the difference. In addition to their personalities, it is their expertise that makes us successful. Our Q_Academy offers a wide range of training opportunities to ensure that our Q_PERIs can continue to develop themselves. The contents are continuously optimized and adapted to the requirements of our customers and markets.


On more than 200 training days per year, courses range from personal development to technical and consulting expertise, leadership and sales skills, and entrepreneurial mindset. We distinguish between individual training courses, which are structured around the four competence areas of our growth model, and our programs, which impart specific knowledge in a group over a period of several months.

Individual training courses

We offer our employees a variety of individual training courses to build on their individual strengths and to develop and promote their own areas of competence in a targeted manner.


Self-competence describes the ability and willingness to develop yourself and therefore your personality in terms of your own talents, willingness to perform, and motivation. 

Our mindfulness trainings, for example, support you in fully developing your own potential and in using your resources mindfully and efficiently.

Social competence

Social competence includes knowledge and skills in communication, cooperation, and conflict management. The goal is to move harmoniously and be active as part of a group. 

An example: In order to better understand the effect of communication, we offer our Q_PERIs the opportunity to participate in communication training.

Methodological competence

Methodological competence encompasses the knowledge and skills you need to handle new and complex tasks independently and flexibly. 

With our customized project management training, for example, you will learn how to approach problems or complex challenges in a goal-oriented and structured way and how to implement solution strategies purposefully.

Professional competence

Professional competence describes all your professional knowledge and methods, more precisely your knowledge but also its application, which you need to deal with professional issues.

In numerous professional trainings and certification opportunities, such as SCRUM trainings, we offer you the opportunity to build up and continuously expand your own knowledge.

> 200
training days per year

> 25
on-site training formats

> 25
remote training formats

Q_PERIOR Bootcamp + X

Ready, set, go! As an Associate Consultant, Bootcamp + X allows you to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills alongside your day-to-day project tasks. 


Over four consecutive training days, conducted both on-site and remotely, you will engage in various modules designed to prepare you effectively for projects, client interactions, and daily work at Q_PERIOR. Ignite your personal career turbo in Part X. Following the four-day training, we provide additional learning and development opportunities.


During this period, your advancement won't be limited to subject knowledge alone: Simultaneously, you will connect with fellow program participants from different Q_PERIOR locations and divisions, fostering enjoyable interactions during the training sessions.


Are you interested in participating in Bootcamp + X, even if you're not an Associate Consultant? No problem! Simply talk to your lead and reach out to our Learning & Development team together.

For me, it is incredibly valuable to be able to accompany each employee on their personal growth path.  

Whether it's the happy face of a Q_PERI receiving their certificate after completing a program or seeing two colleagues who met during training become friends: It’s our Academy’s focus on the personal growth of all Q_PERIs that allows us to create these special moments!



Professional Learning and Development & Trainer of the Q_Academy

Being a trainer in the Q_Academy gives me the opportunity to inspire others for the things I am passionate about. 

And that's what I love about it: By the end of each training session, I was not only able to share my knowledge with the group, but I also learned something new myself – from the participants and about myself


Senior Consultant, Energy Industry & Q_Academy Trainer


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